Looking at installing or upgrading a staircase can be a daunting task, especially when you start researching staircase options or ideas, and you are flooded with jargon that makes little sense. Can I install a steel staircase in my house? What is a cantilever staircase? At Fabcon Steel we can assist you with the design, fabrication, and installation of any steel staircase and we are often asked these questions so we thought we would use this platform to explain staircases in a little more detail.

A cantilever staircase also referred to as a “floating staircase” is a staircase system that has one end of the stair tread anchored to the support brick wall by either an insitu concrete beam, recessed into the support brick wall or a support plate that is anchored against the support brick wall with the help of steel pins or bolts. The idea of this staircase is to give the impression and appearance of floating stairs. 

The above images show the process of the installation stage of the cantilever staircase in your home or office.

The reinforcing steel is used as bracing rods to support the stair treads while the staircase cage is setting inside the bearing wall.

A cantilever staircase needs 14 – 21 days for the concrete to cure around the steel inside the stair treads as well as in the internal wall cage, this will ensure that the cantilever staircase becomes as reliable as possible. Once the wet work is completed, we remove all bracing and support rods and encourage you to choose your timber finishes or glass balustrades.

 A central spine staircase is a modern and contemporary staircase solution, ideal in a home or office environment. The unique and versatile design of these staircases is becoming increasingly popular as these staircases offer an exciting visual effect. The treads of this staircase rest on one steel central stringer spine, which almost always guarantees a solid feeling while climbing the stairs as well as usable space under the staircase.

A steel spiral staircase is a unique and functional way to gain access to another floor in your home or a building, the spiral staircases can be designed and engineered to your specific requirements. One great aspect of a steel spiral staircase is that they do not take up a lot of space, meaning if you have a small spot between floors for a staircase, a spiral staircase would be a great fit.
Fabform™ is our staircase range at Fabcon Steel, offering you all-steel staircases for your home, office, and building.

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