At the beginning of August, FABCON Steel received a really exciting delivery. The latest CNC plasma cutting machine and table has been added to our collection. Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through mild metal with an accelerated jet of hot plasma, which is often used in metal fabrication. Although plasma cutting is only used for materials that are conductive materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, there are other conductive materials with different melting temperatures which include copper, brass, titanium and cast iron but these are slightly difficult to cut with a good quality edge.

Plasma cutting is the most effective way to cut thick and thin material, hand-held torches can usually cut up to a 10mm thick mild steel plate but our stronger, more advanced CNC machine can cut up to 25mm thick mild steel plate. As this CNC machine produces a very hot and controlled “cone” that it cuts with, it is extremely useful for cutting sheet material in decorative curves or angled shapes as well as cutting base plates, metal signage and gussets.

Our skilled artisans and our well-equipped factory welcome the arrival of our newest CNC plasma cutting machine and we are very excited to meet the demand we have for plasma cutting. This machine will add value not only to the domestic houses, housing complexes, commercial buildings and factories we supply steel components too but also to the further training and skill development of our plasma operators.