When it comes to alterations on a home, office, or building there is always going to be a need for some steel, this steel could be in the form of structural or reinforcing steel. At Fabcon Steel, we offer supply, fabrication and installation of both, structural and reinforcing steel. 

Reinforcing steel also known as rebar is the heart of a building foundation, rebar comes in the form of a steel bar or steel mesh and its main purpose is to strengthen and hold concrete into tension.

Rebar is not as effective under compression as it is under tension, by casting rebar into concrete it becomes able to carry tensile loads and increases the overall strength of the concrete.

Reinforcing steel is commonly used in building foundations, concrete walls and staircases, it is supplied in a variety of sizes, 8mm through to 32mm in diameter. Your engineer will provide a bending schedule which would give the size of the bar, cut length and the required bending shape codes.

 At Fabcon Steel we have a whole section of our factory dedicated to reinforcing steel, known as our bending yard. We cut, bend and pre-assemble reinforcing steel for all concrete structures and can deliver the pre-assembled units to your construction site. Fabcon Steel not only supplies reinforcing steel to major contractors in the building and construction industry but to home builders too.

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