Morning Glen Mall, the original shopping centre of Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor. 

Situated in the heart of Morningside, this centre has served a growing community for many years with minor expansions.

In May 2019, we at Fabcon Steel began the preparation process to supply Morning Glen Mall with the structural steel for the planned expansions, including the in-house fabrication and onsite installation of all the structural steel.

 In July 2019 the project was underway, the original mall was expanded by over 1290-square meters including a 467-square walkway and the introduction of an 830-meter square Food Lovers Market. This was a very intricate and technical project as many of the stores were still trading during the construction process and renovations always tend to be slightly more difficult.

The entire project took a little over 6 months to complete, we supplied, fabricated and installed just close to 100 tons of structural steel. Our in-house fabrication team located at the Fabcon Steel factory just South of Johannesburg spent 650 man-hours cutting, welding, grinding and painting the steel which included, steel trusses, purlins, beams, columns, and mullions.

Our installers spent over 510 man-hours installing and building the structural steel requirements. These included steel fire escape staircases, the lower level parking lot delivery yard gates, and the vehicle height restriction gantry.

“A massive congratulations and thank-you must go to Andre, his team and Fabcon as a whole.
On more than one occasion, we’ve had our back against the wall and had massive hurdles to overcome. I can thankfully say that we were able to overcome these hurdles, due to the massive time & effort from Fabcon’s team.
It’s because of this professionalism and eagerness to complete the project, that I will always highly recommend Fabcon, as well as keep using them on all my projects going forward.” 
Darrel Hayward – DDT Construction Project Manager