If this is the first time you are considering an outdoor or external staircase, you must be wondering where to start. At Fabcon Steel we get heaps of enquires on staircases, click here to read our previous blog post –  A Step by Step Guide to Internal Staircases. Welcome to part two: Outdoor or External Staircases.

When thinking of installing an outdoor staircase, we immediately consider that a wooden staircase is not the best idea, especially if we take the weather and other natural occurrences into consideration. We are then left with two options, steel staircases and concrete staircases.

Popular design ideas for outdoor staircases are steel spiral staircases, steel circular staircases, steel straight flight staircases, steel ladders, and concrete shutter staircases.

All are great options for outdoor stairs, they are durable and strong enough to withstand the changing weather and Fabcon Steel is able to assist with the design, manufacture and installation of many staircase options.

Steel is one of the most popular materials used for outdoor staircases, it has the advantage of little maintenance and is extremely strong.  The versatility of steel offers many design possibilities and looks great on a patio and connecting stories in a home, office or factory.

A steel staircase that is correctly installed, coated with corrosion protection and well looked after should offer little maintenance over a long period of time.

A concrete shutter staircase is not as flexible as a steel staircase when it comes to being moulded to a specific design, but you do have the options of many different finishes. After the concrete shutter staircase has been reinforced with reinforcing steel, the concrete is poured and left to set for 21 days to cure, the stairs may be finished using either tiles, granite or left with a concrete appearance.

Fabform™ is our staircase range at Fabcon Steel, offering you all-steel staircases and concrete shutter staircases for your home, office, and building.